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Well its been a good year for CDR, we've been working non stop and theres so much more planned for 2009. Stay tuned for more from the CDR family, and make sure you and everyone else subscribes to our channel:

Well, Im out...peace 2008.

Mind of Shine...happy holidays, the new years next...

Whats good people? The holidays were dope, CDR has too much planned for '09 it only gets better from here. Our live show is on hiatus because well its new years eve on wednesday but you know I'll let you all know when we're officially back next week. As always hit us with an email if you want to get on the show in 09. Let me say this though, just because your on the show doesnt mean we're going to post your appearance, you gotta come on your 'A' game for that honor dig?

Oh yeah puttin out some footage Ive been holding onto for a few weeks from some really hot new artists so stay tuned for those leaking THIS WEEK from the cdr vaults...

Curtains Interview on CDR- (call-in)

Curtains calls up to CDR to chop it up with Shine about his new mixtape WHSL Rebel Radio, "The Great Adventures of Dope Boy C" miniseries, his past & journey in the hip hop industry, the importance of fashion in hip hop, and much more. Make sure to listen!
Audio Link:
Video Embed:

CDR Presents: Willy Northpole Freestyle

Our final part to "CDR Presents: Willy Northpole. While visiting Willy Northpole at the Def Jam office he drops an exclusive freestyle for CDR. Check out DTP's new signee here:

CDR Presents: Willy Northpole

In this segment of our CDR Presents series we have Ludacris' new DTP signee Willy Northpole. We caught up with him at the Def Jam offices for an in depth look into his background and goals for the future. Below is Part 1 of our sit down with Arizona's rising star, topics range from his past with G-Unit, putting Arizona on the hip hop map, production of his forthcoming album, and how he sees his legacy being in the music industry. Shot out to Young Sav!

Q Da Kid Freestyle on CDR

Q Da Kid came through to CDR with a story to tell and a hot freestyle. Make sure to watch out for his new single, "On a Mission" featuring Jermaine Dupri.

Soundwaves KPFK Interview w/ Yukimi of Little Dragon

CDR shares love with our peers in the press game. Peep this interview with Yukimi of Little Dragon by Soundwaves KPFK. Little Dragon is such a dope group. Peep their music here: Little Dragon


In the Mind of Shine (again)....

What up people! Just wanted to give everyone out there some updates real quick dig? The past week Chance and I have been really pushing to get things together for '09. We been so consistent because we're hip hop fans and want to share what goes on in the CDR studios with everyone as soon as it happens...or at least We're trying to slow it down a little bit just to prep for the new year, but who knows you might see some new clips out there sometime this week...

But anyway of course the show is live this wednesday night at 9pm. It'll be a hot show, we're calling it "A&R Alert" night lol...and if I see that anywhere else I know you got it from us...but yeah two mcs will be up that we think need to get some more light. Nov Gannon and Prezzure what up!

On a side note, youll be seeing more of a personal side from us...the internets and the streets need to get to know Shine and Chance more lol.

Im out to the studio so I'll talk to yall later....CDR we're so classic right now.

CHE GRAND & SPEC BOOGIE Freestyle on Crack Distributors Radio

We had a great interview with Che Grand, make sure to check out his music and mixtapes. After his interview, Che and Spec Boogie spit some ill bars for the audience. I have to say Im feeling the music these two and the entire Lessondary crew are bringing to the masses.

We'll be back next week, Happy Thanksgiving

No show this week, but CDR will be live next week. Happy Thanksgiving!

Outasight Freestyle on Crack Distributors Radio

We've talked to Outasight in depth before, recently he dropped by the studio to introduce his new video "Good Evening". We couldnt let him leave without setting a freestyle, so here it is... (video below)

A.Pinks & A.P. Freestyle Cipher on Crack Distributors Radio

Whats good people? Heres two artists you need to get familiar with.

A.Pinks and A.P. came through to the show last week and ended off the segment with some bars. Enjoy!

B.E.T Spit Ya Game Cipher @ Digiwaxx (Amanda Diva, Charles Hamilton, Skyzoo, Mickey Factz, Wale, & Cory Gunz)

Great footage of an ill Cipher with some of todays rising stars in the game. Hit the channel for some of these artists CDR appearances.

CDR Presents: Diz Gibran

The second Installment to our "CDR Presents" series, we bring you Cali's own Diz Gibran.

We caught up with him in NYC backstage at S.O.Bs, it was a great night considering the likes of Pac Div, Mickey Factz, U-N-I, and other CDR alum were in one spot performing. We took the oppurtunity to shoot the second artist in our CDR Presents series with Diz Gibran, because "CDR Presents" is more personal than our in-studio interviews, its a conversation if you want to call it that, except Im holding a camera lol, but for our fans it helps you to connect a little more with artists than you normally could listening to the sometimes structured radio interview. Without further ado; CDR Presents to you...Diz Gibran.

GLC Interview on CDR (call-in/audio)

GLC talks with CDR about an array of topics including; Preisdent Obama, his former group with Kanye West "The Go-Getters", his new mixtape "I Aint Even On Yet", an upcoming album due in 2009, and Chicago hip hop scene.

friday is my day...In the mind of Shine

Whats good people? Welcome to the mind of Shine lol, so its friday and Im so glad the weekend is finally here. This week has been wild for CDR. Right now we're working on a few interviews and projects that will come to light real soon...make sure to come back soon for some of those. This weeks live show was pretty dope if I must say so myself...well I guess I just did lol. Despite a little havoc in the studio I definitely have to say thank you to those who watched, called in, and as well as to this weeks guests; Che Grand, Outasight, and GLC.

....oh yeah Spec I'll be at liquid love on saturday my dude *pause*

Anyway just know that me and Chance have a lot in store for the music lovers out there. CDR is more than a radio show to us, its something that we've been working to build for a little bit more than two years now. Now we're in full grind mode across the board so keep coming to the blog for random rants like this from all the CDR exclusives we can think of....

....oh all those wanting to get in contact with us email: I swear we read our email everyday.

In the mean time go to: (SUBSCRIBE to the channel!)

back to the cloudy streets of NYC

*CDR bang!

Introducing: 151 Feva Gang

These guys have been causing a buzz in NJ for the last year. Heres the intro entry of their new youtube channel; FevaGtv. Make sure to watch out for these guys, they're all over youtube and have ill party anthems.

for music:

P.S. Their new project, "The Last Swaggin" is dropping very soon.

Final Part: Cory Gunz Interview on CDR Part 2

The final part of our interview with Cory Gunz. He speaks on his battle for consistency, not being categorized as a freestyle rapper, and the direction of hip hop from a new artist perspective.

CDR Presents: Diz Gibran "The Freestyle"

In the second installement of our "CDR Presents" series, which CDR talks to the industry's newest talent outside our studio we bring you Diz Gibran. In this preview Diz Gibran spits a freestyle for our camera backstage at S.O.Bs during CMJ. Stay tuned next week for the full segment/interview of "CDR Presents: Diz Gibran".

Cory Gunz Interview on CDR pt. 1

Cory Gunz discusses his feature on Lil Wayne's A Millie, how his career began, and various topics on his new mixtape "Best Kept Secret".

Part 2 drops at the end of the week and you wont want to miss it!

Convinced- Miss Memory (Video)

Support good music people. Below is the new video by Convinced, "Miss Memory". Enjoy!

props to

Cory Gunz Freestyle on CDR

Cory Gunz wraps up our interview with a freestyle for the CDR audience. The interview drops Next Week!

CDR Presents: Pac Div part 2

Final part to our interview with Pac Div aka Pacific Division. We talk to Pac Div about whats unique with each member of the group and since their signing what are the factors that make them unique in the music industry.

Bobby Creekwater (call-in) Interview on CDR

Bobby Creekwater of Shady Records calls into CDR to tell us what he's been up to since signing with Eminem and Shady Records 2 years ago, and what hes got coming out that the world needs to be ready for.

CDR Presents: PAC DIV Part 1

CDR Presents: PAC DIV aka Pacific Division Part 1

CDR Presents is our new in depth series of interviews with artists outside the studio; stay tuned for more of your favorite artists and for CDR Presents: PAC DIV part 2


We talk about the groups background, speak on Cali hip hop, and find out what the guys listen to on the road. We also get some info on how they plan on thriving in the music industry.

*a must see interview*

!!New Music!! Chance - So Fly Freestyle

Chance - So Fly Freestyle

Coming Tomorrow....

KiD CUDi Interview on CDR: PART 2

Final Part to our interview with Kid Cudi. Cudi discusses artists & producers bending genres, the process of creating his forthcoming album; "Man on the Moon" & the mixtape "A Kid Named Cudi"...


One of my favortie interviews. Make sure to go to for some great content.

Part 1

Part 2

Kid Cudi Part 2 coming BELOW!

!!New Music!! Chance - Paper Planes Freestyle

It's Chance, back in effect.

Just got back to Yonkers and went straight to the mixtape, THE MISADVENTURES OF GEORGE KUSH, came out so well, I cant wait to get the next one out!!!!!

Here's a freestyle I did last night to M.I.A's - Paper Planes, I been fuckin with this song for a minute now and I had to do what I do to it...Hope you enjoy!!!

Kid Cudi: Interview on CDR: Part 1


Kid Cudi came by to speak with the crew at C.D.R the night before his mixtape, "A Kid Named Cudi" was released to the public. During Part 1 we learn about his move to NY, how he caught the attention of Plain Pat, plus why he plans on inspiring the world...In this is interview you'll truly meet the kid named Cudi...


Coming Soon....

Monday it begins again....

Check back for new interviews, features, and domain name....

Unitil then, peep some of the older content below, and download my co-host Chance's mixtape, "Misadventures of George Kush"!

CDR, XclusivesZone, and DJ L-Gee Present: CHANCE- "The Misadventures of George Kush"

"20 tracks (originals and freestyles) of me going in letting you know who this new dude from Yonkers is and why you need to be fuckin' wit him.If you know me you know why they call me Kush and who better to co-sign than Mr. 420 himself, DJ L-Gee.
THE NEW MUSIC CARTEL has the internet on smash, so naturally I had to get the stamp from my dude MR. X at XCLUSIVES ZONEAnd you already know CRACK DISTRIBUTORS is the movement!!!!! Hope you like it!!!!!"


Good Peoples' Katie Longmyer on C.D.R


Katie aka Queen Bee of Good Peoples stops by to let us know how she effectively markets artists, brands, and events through her company Good Peoples. She also shares advice on her growth in the business side of the entertainment industry from intern, to a position at Warner Bros Records, and now the owner of her own brand marketing company; "Good Peoples"...



DJ Melo-X Exclusive Freestyle & Interview on C.D.R


DJ Melo-X talks to Crack Distributors Radio about his work as a DJ, Producer, Photographer, and now MC. We also delve into his rise as one of NYC's most demanded DJs, becoming Mickey Factz DJ, being included on the "Incredible" series, rhyming, his position at ALIEN clothing, his new LP, production, and much more... (Interview blended with "Welcome")


Melo-X has developed into a highly demanded DJ, producer, and now MC. As Mickey Factz' DJ, he spit on the widely leaked "Incredible" Series, and now spits a memorable freestyle for the CDR audience. This is the next generation of artistry, talented DJ, producer, and as he displays here; MC

Theo & Loj: Incredible Freestyle

Shot out to Mickey and Steve-O for hittin us with the instrumental; Theo and Loj rock an "Incredible" freestyle on our show before their respective freestyles and interviews.



Freestyle Cipher w/ Elucid

This is absolutely one of my favorite freestyle ciphers Ive witnessed on our show, Spec Boogie and Elucid who along with Tanya Morgan and Che Grand make up the Lessondary Crew "go in" with this cipher.


Spec Boogie stops by Crack Distributors Radio and opens up about Loosie Music (himself, Von Pea, and Elucid), his mixtape Dollar Sign Language, his new track Bedstuy, and why his music is made from the heart...

R-SIDE Freestyle Cipher

Props to More Than Muzic and R-Side....

Crack Distributors Radio Presents: ESSO

Ok, so unknown to public knowledge Esso was one of the first guests on our show almost two years ago. Since then hes been doing his things as an artist on the rise, so we had him back last week for a full interview and he wrapped up our show with a dope freestyle. Make sure to peep his projects; Essocentric Vol. 1, Essobama: the Champagne Campaign, and E3: E-Day.

Esso Interview

Esso Freestyle


Tanya Morgan sheds light on their new project; THE BRIDGE EP. Plus we get a first look into features for the upcoming BROOKLYNATI LP, also we get insight on the future and beginnings of the hip hop group; Tanya Morgan.

contact: Shine-

Max B vs Dipset

The Shadyville DJ's got Max B and Jim Jones on the phone and here was the result...IDK why we cant hear Jim Jones side but I'll definitely get it up as soon as it surfaces. In the meantime I've also included what Freeky Zeeky had to say about the situation and some more shit

Esso - Get Ya Beat Killed

Esso is really one of the artists in New York thats doing their thing. There's always a big response when he drops something and he's got quality sh*t!!!! Listen to what he does to the Kanye West Produced Let The Beat Build and look out to what he does on Presents ESSO - Murdered On Your Own Sh*t coming soon!!!!
Check him out with Sha Stimuli on Crack Distributors Radio below.

Click here to DOWNLOAD - Get Ya Beat Killed


Everytime Musiq puts something out it's FIRE!!!! He's continuing the tradition with this one

Click here to DOWNLOAD - Radio

Mr. Carter (Unreleased Version)!!!!!!!

I like this version but I think he goes in harder on the album (just my opinion)...

Click here to DOWNLOAD - Mr. Carter (Unreleased version)

John Legend and Andre 3000

A snippet of this track was everywhere a little while back and I've been waiting for the full version, both of these artist are incredible talents !!!CRACK DISTRIBUTORS APPROVED!!

Click here to DOWNLOAD - Greenlight


There's no way to really say what Tupac meant to Hip Hop. Well Crooked I did a pretty good job wit this joint. (P.S. I had this 2Pac poster on my wall growing up)


Nina B - Politics

Check out this new Nina B video POLITICS over the Love In This Club beat on her new mixtape THE REAL RAP SUPREME. Nina was just up at the show, she's really doing her thing...gotta respect the grind!!!!!!

I'll be posting her interview soon!!!!!!


We've all been waiting to hear from Buck since he got kicked out of G-Unit. I remember 50 saying there wouldn't be any problems as long as Buck didn't start any and I kinda thought he wouldn't. Well I think that idea is officially out the window now. TOS is dropping so I guess it's about that time for another G-Unit Beef.

DAMAGED (REMIX) feat Fabolous

Fabolous has always been one of my favorite rappers and he was comin' on this track (pause). Shouts to the NMC.