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friday is my day...In the mind of Shine

Whats good people? Welcome to the mind of Shine lol, so its friday and Im so glad the weekend is finally here. This week has been wild for CDR. Right now we're working on a few interviews and projects that will come to light real soon...make sure to come back soon for some of those. This weeks live show was pretty dope if I must say so myself...well I guess I just did lol. Despite a little havoc in the studio I definitely have to say thank you to those who watched, called in, and as well as to this weeks guests; Che Grand, Outasight, and GLC.

....oh yeah Spec I'll be at liquid love on saturday my dude *pause*

Anyway just know that me and Chance have a lot in store for the music lovers out there. CDR is more than a radio show to us, its something that we've been working to build for a little bit more than two years now. Now we're in full grind mode across the board so keep coming to the blog for random rants like this from all the CDR exclusives we can think of....

....oh all those wanting to get in contact with us email: I swear we read our email everyday.

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back to the cloudy streets of NYC

*CDR bang!

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