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In the Mind of Shine (again)....

What up people! Just wanted to give everyone out there some updates real quick dig? The past week Chance and I have been really pushing to get things together for '09. We been so consistent because we're hip hop fans and want to share what goes on in the CDR studios with everyone as soon as it happens...or at least We're trying to slow it down a little bit just to prep for the new year, but who knows you might see some new clips out there sometime this week...

But anyway of course the show is live this wednesday night at 9pm. It'll be a hot show, we're calling it "A&R Alert" night lol...and if I see that anywhere else I know you got it from us...but yeah two mcs will be up that we think need to get some more light. Nov Gannon and Prezzure what up!

On a side note, youll be seeing more of a personal side from us...the internets and the streets need to get to know Shine and Chance more lol.

Im out to the studio so I'll talk to yall later....CDR we're so classic right now.

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